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Precise Waterproofing Solution

“IC PRECISEAL” is single component, polymer modified, elastomeric waterproofing coating for concrete and masonry surfaces. It is a single component and only water is to be added during mixing at site. The product can withstand water impermeability against hydrostatic pressure to counter positive as well as negative side water pressure ingress.

The product can be easily applied by brushing or by spray equipment for larger areas. It has a very high tensile adhesion strength, crack bridging capability and is UV resistant. It can be applied both on the exterior and interior surfaces.

“IC PRECISEAL” complies with the guideline given in EN 14891, ASTM D5385, EN 1348 and DIN 1048.

Features and Benefits
  • “IC PRECISEAL” being Single component, does not require mixing of two or more components at site, thus ensuring accuracy and proper quality. Only water is to be added before use at site and mixing can be done manually or mechanically with stirrer, resulting in considerable saving of time and labor.
  • Waterproofing coating system for new and existing surfaces.
  • Forms flexible and washable membrane. The membrane coating is breathable, which allows water vapour to escape, diffusing the pressure buildup.
  • Highly effective for Positive & Negative sides of hydrostatic pressure
    • Positive side water Impermeability : 5-7 Bar
    • Negative side water impermeability: 1.5 Bar
  • Effectively seals all existing cracks in the surface. Crack Bridging Capability : 1.5mm.
  • Good resistance against UV and Infrared Rays.
  • Strong adhesion with all Cementitious surfaces, Non-Toxic, hence suitable for all types of water retaining structures.
  • No additional dead load on the structure after application.
  • The surface is ready for any subsequent application within 48 Hrs.
  • Environment friendly coating, no VOC, improving the LEED score of the structure.
Areas of Application
  • Terrace Water proofing.
  • Sloping Roofs and Chajjas.
  • Plastered masonry, External walls.
  • Overhead and underground water tanks.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Toilets & Bathrooms.
  • Basements.
  • Canals & dams etc.
Method Of Application
Surface Preparation
  • All loosely adhering materials and dust is to be removed from the surface using a wire brush and potable clean water.
  • Entire area should be pre-wetted thoroughly with potable water. Allow excess water to drain ensuring that there is no free standing or pooled water on surface just before application of “IC PRECISEAL”.
  • Efflorescence, if visible must be treated carefully prior to application.
  • In case of dry and absorbent substrates, the surface should be moistened with potable water.
  • Concrete, screeds, block work should be sufficiently cured to avoid shrinkage cracks.
  • Ensure that all existing cracks are properly treated with polymer modified mortar prior to the application of “IC PRECISEAL”.
  • Cracks if any should be opened up in the “V” shape and repaired with thick slurry of “IC PRECISEAL” or polymer modified mortar prior to coating the entire area prior to the application of “IC PRECISEAL”.
  • Proper and thorough mixing of the “IC PRECISEAL” is very important for optimum results. It is advisable to use mechanical stirrer for uniform and thorough mixing and to save time and labor.
  • Mix “IC PRECISEAL” with 36-40% of potable water slowly to make homogenous slurry.
  • Take one third water in a bucket and add “IC PRECISEAL” into it. Prepare a lump free slurry by mixing homogeneously adding the rest of the water.
  • Let the slurry stand for 3~5 minutes and stir again to ensure best possible dispersion of polymers.
  • “IC PRECISEAL” can be applied to the surface very conveniently with brush, roller or airless spray systems.
  • After application of 1st coat, allow a gap of minimum 2 hours, before the subsequent coat. Average thickness of the coats should not be more than 0.6-0.8 mm per coat. Subsequent coats must be applied in perpendicular direction to the first coat.
  • “IC PRECISEAL” can be applied by spray machine also. For large areas use of spray machine is recommended for better speed and economy.
  • It is very important to apply “IC PRECISEAL” in a uniform thickness, which enables the product to withstand the requisite hydrostatic pressure. Quantity of material required can be calculated by referring to the coverage. Ensure that the calculated quantity of material is applied on the surface for best results.
  • Coverage of the product depends on the surface condition, its roughness and absorption. Smooth surfaces yield more coverage as compared to rough and irregular surfaces.
  • Typically, “IC PRECISEAL” will cover 10-12 square feet per kg in two coats when mixed with 40% water under test condition.
Precautions during Usage
  • Avoid application of “IC PRECISEAL” in extreme climatic conditions under direct sunlight with very high ambient temperatures. Best is to apply early in the morning or late in the evening during such conditions.
  • This is to ensure that the water which is used for mixing does not evaporate fast and the product is able to develop the design properties.
  • In case of U/G tanks, O/H tanks or basement, it is quite possible that drying time may increase more than 2 hours. In such cases, ensure that first coat is dried properly before the application of the second coat.
  • It is advised to use brush with soft bristles and after the application the brush should be cleaned properly.
  • Hard/salty water is not recommended to be mixed with “IC PRECISEAL” which may deteriorate the performance of coating.
  • Remove excess material on tools and site immediately as once hardened, “IC PRECISEAL” is very difficult to dislodge.
  • Though “IC PRECISEAL” contains no Toxic material, care should be taken to avoid dust inhalation while mixing and handling. In case of contact with eyes or face, wash with plenty of clean water. Persons who are allergic to cement should take proper precautions before use

IC PRECISEAL” is available in 25 kg packaging.

Storage & Shelf Life

Store in a cool and dry place. Ensure that the bags does not burst or tear while handling. There should be a gap of 0.5 m from the walls to the stacks.

“IC PRECISEAL” will remain usable for a period of six months (6 Months) from date of manufacture when stored as per standard recommended conditions.