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Quick, Thin & Strong

“IC PRECIJOINT” is a ready to use, polymer modified high strength thin jointing mortar. It is the preferred choice for building masonry units where the joint thickness is reduced to 3 mm, from a conventional application thickness of 12~15 mm, improving the quality of construction manifolds.

Thin-Joint blockwork enables wall masonry to be built very quickly without having to wait for the conventional 24 hours for the mortar to set before further loading can be applied. “IC PRECIJOINT” starts to set within 10 minutes of application and approaches more than 60% design strength in just 1 to 2 hours. This enables blockwork to be built extremely quickly.

“IC PRECIJOINT” is easily mixed on site by adding the appropriate quantity of water. It is applied with a proprietary scoop or a notch trowel, which creates a consistent joint thickness of 3 mm.

The Thin-Joint system enables the structure of a building to be built faster and to a better quality, allowing follow-on applications to start work much sooner, whilst retaining the flexibility of on-site construction.

“IC PRECIJOINT” application is best suited for Aerated Autoclaved Blocks (AAC Blocks), Cement Mortar Blocks, Bricks, Cellular/ Solid concrete blocks and Fly Ash Bricks. For Clay Bricks, Thick Bed Jointing Mortar is available on demand.

Features and Benefits
  • High Bond Strength: Special polymers impart high adhesion strength, increasing the durability of masonry.
  • Negligible Shrinkage Cracks: Water retention properties reduce shrinkage cracks.
  • High Thermal Insulation: Thin-Joint prevents transfer ] through walls.
  • Ease of mixing and application of the mortar.
  • Higher tensile strength between masonry blocks.
  • No water curing required.
  • Negligible wastage & higher coverage.
  • 3 mm joint thickness leads to faster and economical application.
  • Reduces the thickness of subsequent application. “IC PRECIJOINT” can be applied for thicknesses as low as 6-12 mm.
Method Of Application
Surface Preparation
  • The column/beam substrate should be clean and free from loose particles, dust, grease and any other foreign material that may affect adhesion.
  • Pre-wet the surface of the substrate prior to application of “IC PRECIJOINT”. The substrate needs to be in SSD (saturated surface dry) condition during application of “IC PRECIJOINT”.
  • It is very important to pre-wet the blocks/bricks before the same is taken up for joining application.
  • Mixing Ratio – Depending on the thickness of the product to be applied, add approximately 25-30% of clean potable water.
  • Add water in stages to get a smooth, uniform and workable mix.
  • Use of mechanical mixer/ electrical stirrer is highly recommended for proper and thorough mixing to achieve optimum results.
  • Mixing should be done for 5-10 minutes depending on the speed of the mixing equipment. Once mixed, no further water should be added.
  • Ensure that no powder is left unmixed at the bottom of the vessel.
Application Process
  • The surface should be clean and free from dirt, loose material, chemical, oil, grease and other contaminants before application of “IC PRECIFIX”.
  • Pre-wet the cementitious substrate and ensure that the substrate is in saturated and surface dry (SSD) state prior to the application of “IC PRECIFIX”.
  • Concrete screeds, plastered surfaces, block work and renders should be sufficiently cured to avoid shrinkage cracks. Substrates should be in plumb and or in slope before application of adhesive.
  • After placing the first unit, apply “IC PRECIJOINT” of the same thickness on both sides of the unit, keeping a continuous check on the line & level.
  • The inside face of the masonry unit should be buttered with “IC PRECIJOINT” mortar before the next unit is laid and pressed against it, especially in case of blocks.
  • The inside face of the masonry unit should be buttered with
  • Clean the excess material if any immediately. Continue the procedure for the entire masonry work.
  • Place the next course of masonry units on the evenly laid jointing mortar bed in proper line & level. Each masonry unit should be properly bedded and set in position by gently pressing with hand or a trowel.
  • The inside face of the masonry unit should be buttered with mortar before the next unit is laid and pressed against it especially in case of blocks.
  • Plumb should be checked regularly to ensure vertical correctness of the masonry unit.
  • Clean the excess material if any immediately. Continue the procedure for the entire masonry work.
  • Protect the mixed material from direct sunlight to avoid rapid moisture loss and to prolong pot life.

Coverage is based on the smoothness and evenness of the substrate, the size of blocks and the thickness of the mortar used. A general guideline for coverage of mortar when used with 25-30% water and a 3 mm notched trowel is given below:

Technical Data
Parameter Typical Values

Greyish Powder

Bulk density               Kg/L


Water powder ratio      (%)


Fresh wet density       Kg/L


Compressive Strength (MPa)        in 07 days


                in 28 days


Pull Out Tensile Adhesion Strength in 28 days N/ mm2


Flexural Strength in 28 days         N/ mm2


Splitting Tensile Strength in 28 Days              N/ mm2


Pot Life     (Hours)


*Specifications are subject to change without notification. Results shown are typical and under standard conditions as stipulated as per the codes. Values may change under site condition depending on application.

Precautions during Usage
  • Though “IC PRECIJOINT” contains no toxic material, care should be taken to avoid dust inhalation while mixing and handling. In case of contact with eyes or face, wash with plenty of clean water.
  • Keep it in a dry place and out of reach of children.
  • Persons who are allergic to cement should take proper precautions before use.
Shelf Life

Six months from the date of manufacture for a bag that is unopened and stored in a covered shed away from moisture.