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Building Material Division


International Combustion (India) Limited. forward integrates vide their technology and diversify into Manufacturing of Value Added Cement Based Dry Mix Products for Construction.
The Division has been named as Building Material Division. The first Manufacturing facility has been set-up at Ajmer, Rajasthan. The Manufacturing Unit is an Integrated Dry Mix Plant along with Sand Processing Unit, first of its kind in India


“International Combustion (India) Limited” endeavours to become the most preferred supplier with “Best Quality Products and Services” at an affordable price in the Building Product Segment.


The Technology for Manufacturing has been imported from M-Tec; Germany considered being the best in this field. The capacity of Dry Mix Plant is 1,20,000 MT per Annum with fully-automatic controls, Packing and Truck loading system. Nevertheless to mention that the Manufacturing Unit has been categorised under the “Green Category” due to Nil generation of Solid or Liquid Effluent and usage of Reject By-Product and Material by the Pollution Control Board. Moreover, the finished products manufactured would comply with the approved products under Green Building Concept.

Research & Development

International Combustion India Ltd (“IC”) is a leading name in the plant machinery and electrical motors manufacturing space, with three plants strategically located across the country. The company has always been at the forefront of technological innovations owing to its focus on research and development in the field of its core business areas.

With every new project and introduction of cutting edge products to cater to the demands of users not met by traditional cement, sand and mortar, “IC” pushes the standards of the building construction industry to new limits. This is the era of Polymer Modified Cementitious products which are best suited to fulfil the desired quality parameters.

Development and fine tuning of polymer modified mortars is an art which can only be mastered over years of experimentation in the lab followed by field trials. These ensure that the end product is suitable for the local climatic conditions and working environment of the application areas.

“IC” has developed a state-of-the-art R&D centre at Ajmer, Rajasthan, equipped with ultra-modern plant machinery imported from Germany, to develop products that are best suited for the Indian climate and working environment.

Apart from the primary function of developing New Products, the R&D group is also associated with process optimization and innovation facilitation, with due consideration of the immediate and future needs.

The company firmly believes that the role of R&D does not end at developing high quality products, but continues all the way up to the product application stage. Therefore, “IC” is committed to educating end users/ masons and contractors about the application process through regular practical training and skill development programs conducted at the R&D Centre. Our outreach program not only empowers the end user to reap the best results from our products but also enhances their product application skills.

Our Research Laboratory is equipped with the amenities for testing mortars and its raw materials as per national and international Standards (EN, ASTM, DIN, IS, etc.), in precisely controlled environments as per the specifications. These include testing for Pull-Off Bond Strength, Flexural Strength and Tensile Adhesion Strength of any cementitious dry mix product in specified environmental conditions.